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Well, you say the word Mumbai the next word that automatically comes to mind is Vada Pav.

 The earliest I remember having eaten Vada pav is at home. I was possibly 9 or 10 years of age. We did not have it with pav but with sliced bread and green mint chutney.

 It might seem very simple but very few people have mastered the art of making it the right way. This is one snack you should definitely try when you visit Mumbai. I am a die-hard fan of fried food and vada pav is one of my favourites. I used to have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Well, I won’t ask you to do that as I ended up gaining 10 kilos

In the score of years that have gone by, I have eaten vada pav from almost all known and some unknown places in Pune and remember the taste to be distinct which gets etched on your mind.

Off late I’m often drawn towards having a simple vada pav at various places. Having spent most of my growing up years in North India, the possibility of finding vada pav has been close to none. However, Vada Pav, the original cheap street food of Mumbaikars, now sits pretty on different menus at various fancy restaurants in Delhi NCR. The potato fritter inside a bun with chillies and masala has become my absolute favourite. I think it’s the Punjabi in me that loves starch in a starch combo.

So, I thought I’ll save everyone else the trouble and compile a list of my favourite vada pavs in Delhi NCR.

Pros of Vada-Pav

  1. Quick Snack in such a hectic and busy Mumbai
  2. Easy on the pocket
  3. It is the yummiest thing in the world
    • Sodabottleopenerwala                                                                                                                          The vada pav at Sodabottleopenerwala, Delhi’s first Irani café,  is my all-time favourite. It was at this very restaurant that I had my first vada pav in Delhi. Served with fried green chilli and a dash of salt, the warm vada is stuffed inside a cold pav –  just how it should be. The vada has a thin crunchy layer on top with the softest and most flavoursome spicy potatoes.Cost: Rs. 70
      Address: 3, Ground Floor Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon
      Contact: +91 9971839456
    • Farzi café                                                                                                                                                  In for the funkiest vada pav ever? Zorawar Kalra’s Farzi café serves vada pav in the whackiest way, true to their style. Served with the evergreen saunth, mint chutney and sev, a piece of pav is stuffed inside the vada. The delicious mix of flavours gets the final touch with a fried chilli on top. The presentation of this dish is nothing like a regular vada pav. These round balls with familiar flavours, but unusual preparation are clearly one of the best vada pavs I have ever had, kudos to Chef Saurabh and his gang.Address: 7-8, Ground Floor, Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon
      Contact: +91 8800690419
    • Chaayos  What could you expect when an alumnus from IIT Powai decides to open a café in Delhi? A dash of nostalgia, for sure! All those years in hostel, where at times one could only afford a humble vada pav. So, the dish definitely becomes a part of your memories and thus, the menu at Chaayos. Nitin Saluja (the owner) has put a Bombay Specials section in his menu. His vada pav is conventional, simple and comes close, to what you would get at the local stations of Mumbai. Served with the handmade mint chutney, the vada has a coating of besan and the potatoes are cooked with mustard seeds.Cost: Rs. 70
      Address: C 14, SDA Market, Opposite IIT Delhi Main Gate, New Delhi
      Contact: +91 9717779837

    Goli Vada pav No. 1  A chain of small kiosks all across Delhi NCR, this place serves a large variety of Vada Pav. No other place in Delhi serves as many vada pavs as this one. In true Bombay style, they have mixed schezwan spices with Indian vada pav. From a classic vada pav to Makka palak and cheese vada pav, they have a lot to offer.Cost: Rs 25
    Address: Food Court, Huda City Centre Metro Station, Sector 29, Gurgaon
    Contact: 011 65461620, +91 9811837193

    Away from the fanciness of a burger, I am in love with Vada Pav – simple, easy to hold, filling, delicious and very comforting. Undoubtedly a winner 

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